Diamond Plate Aluminum Ramps

Light Duty Diamond Plate Aluminum Ramps for your shed.

Ideal for situations with limited weight requirements like push lawnmowers, empty wheelbarrows, foot traffic. Ramps have a flat surface at one end that lays on the floor of the shed and a flat beveled end that fits on the ground. These ramps are:

  • Sturdy 1/8” Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Removable
  • No assembly required
  • No sill plate required

The ramps come in two sizes:

  • 9” x 36” weighs only 4 pounds per panel
  • 12” x 36” weighs only 6 pounds per panel
  • 12” x 40” weighs only 7 pounds per panel

Use multiple sets to fill your door opening.


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Metal Ramp (Set of 2)

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Ramp Size

9″x36″, 12"x36", 12” x 40”