RP2C Brackets (Set of 2)

Quickly and Easily Make Ramps for Your Shed

Our ramps are designed for easy assembly with either 1” or 1 ½” lumber. With our high quality extruded aluminum brackets and your lumber, you can make ramps that are:

  • The size you want
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Can be left in place
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to remove for storage

Brackets come in sets of two and each bracket is either 11” or 23” wide. Our customers tell us that having a ramp the full width of the door is important.

A four foot door could could accommodate one set of 23” brackets or two sets of 11” brackets. The RP2C brackets are designed for use with either 1” or 1 ½” lumber and include assembly hardware.

Each set of brackets includes: 

  • 2 aluminum ramp brackets (either 11” wide or 23” wide)
  • Nuts and bolts for assembly
  • A plastic sheet that fits between the wood and aluminum

Build your own easy-to-install ramps using the IM ramp brackets. Made of quality extruded aluminum for easy assembly.


  • The above brackets fit onto a track installed just below the door opening. Many buildings come with the tracks installed and are ready for these brackets. If your shed doesn’t have a track, you will need to order tracks as well. Tracks are 23” long and we suggest you cover the entire opening with track. Tracks include mounting screws.

For assembly instructions, click here.

To watch a video on installation, click here.

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Designed for easy assembly using with either 1” or 1 ½” lumber.